The Baseline

A Baseline for this blog

In all things, we need a baseline to start from. We cannot have an effective blog if every paragraph is written in a different language. We cannot have an effective discussion unless we have a baseline on what we believe. I am not telling anybody that their viewpoint on the book of revelation is wrong, I am however saying that in this search for answers we are starting with some unwavering ideas.

The Bible

The Bible is the authoritative Word of God. It is without error and true in every way. This blog will not interject ideas that this book is just some man’s option or dreams, but rather it is God-breathed words, written down by faithful men.

The Approach

We will also understand that this discussion is from a futuristic viewpoint. *There a many approaches people  have to the book of Revelation, such as preterist, historical and futuristic. The futuristic view that we are using here declares that the events from Revelation 4:1 and on are future events yet to have happened.

As this discussion develops there will probably be added more baseline considerations to keep us heading in the right direction.

*Approach to Revelation